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tin    音標拼音: [t'ɪn]
n. U錫;U馬口鐵,鍍錫鐵皮;C馬口鐵器,罐頭,聽頭


n 1: a silvery malleable metallic element that resists
corrosion; used in many alloys and to coat other metals to
prevent corrosion; obtained chiefly from cassiterite where
it occurs as tin oxide [synonym: {tin}, {Sn}, {atomic number
2: a vessel (box, can, pan, etc.) made of tinplate and used
mainly in baking
3: metal container for storing dry foods such as tea or flour
[synonym: {canister}, {cannister}, {tin}]
4: airtight sealed metal container for food or drink or paint
etc. [synonym: {can}, {tin}, {tin can}]
v 1: plate with tin
2: preserve in a can or tin; "tinned foods are not very tasty"
[synonym: {can}, {tin}, {put up}]
3: prepare (a metal) for soldering or brazing by applying a thin
layer of solder to the surface

Tin \Tin\, n. [As. tin; akin to D. tin, G. zinn, OHG. zin, Icel.
& Dan. tin, Sw. tenn; of unknown origin.]
1. (Chem.) An elementary substance found as an oxide in the
mineral cassiterite, and reduced as a soft silvery-white
crystalline metal, with a tinge of yellowish-blue, and a
high luster. It is malleable at ordinary temperatures, but
brittle when heated. It is softer than gold and can be
beaten out into very thin strips called tinfoil. It is
ductile at 2120, when it can be drawn out into wire which
is not very tenacious; it melts at 4420, and at a higher
temperature burns with a brilliant white light. Air and
moisture act on tin very slightly. The peculiar properties
of tin, especially its malleability, its brilliancy and
the slowness with which it rusts make it very serviceable.
With other metals it forms valuable alloys, as bronze, gun
metal, bell metal, pewter and solder. It is not easily
oxidized in the air, and is used chiefly to coat iron to
protect it from rusting, in the form of tin foil with
mercury to form the reflective surface of mirrors, and in
solder, bronze, speculum metal, and other alloys. Its
compounds are designated as stannous, or stannic. Symbol
Sn (Stannum). Atomic weight 117.4.
[1913 Webster]

2. Thin plates of iron covered with tin; tin plate.
[1913 Webster]

3. Money. [Cant] --Beaconsfield.
[1913 Webster]

{Block tin} (Metal.), commercial tin, cast into blocks, and
partially refined, but containing small quantities of
various impurities, as copper, lead, iron, arsenic, etc.;
solid tin as distinguished from tin plate; -- called also
{bar tin}.

{Butter of tin}. (Old Chem.) See {Fuming liquor of Libavius},
under {Fuming}.

{Grain tin}. (Metal.) See under {Grain}.

{Salt of tin} (Dyeing), stannous chloride, especially so
called when used as a mordant.

{Stream tin}. See under {Stream}.

{Tin cry} (Chem.), the peculiar creaking noise made when a
bar of tin is bent. It is produced by the grating of the
crystal granules on each other.

{Tin foil}, tin reduced to a thin leaf.

{Tin frame} (Mining), a kind of buddle used in washing tin

{Tin liquor}, {Tin mordant} (Dyeing), stannous chloride, used
as a mordant in dyeing and calico printing.

{Tin penny}, a customary duty in England, formerly paid to
tithingmen for liberty to dig in tin mines. [Obs.]

{Tin plate}, thin sheet iron coated with tin.

{Tin pyrites}. See {Stannite}.
[1913 Webster]

Tin \Tin\, v. t. [imp. & p. p. {Tinned}; p. pr. & vb. n.
To cover with tin or tinned iron, or to overlay with tin
[1913 Webster]

Azotine \Az"o*tine\, n. Also -tin \-tin\ . [Azote -ine.]
1. An explosive consisting of sodium nitrate, charcoal,
sulphur, and petroleum.
[Webster 1913 Suppl.]

2. same as 1st {Ammonite}, 2.
[Webster 1913 Suppl.]

115 Moby Thesaurus words for "tin":
affected, apocryphal, artificial, assumed, aureate, bag, barrel,
basket, bastard, bogus, bottle, box, box up, brass, brassy, brazen,
bronze, bronzy, brummagem, can, capsule, carton, case, cask,
colorable, colored, copper, coppery, counterfeit, counterfeited,
crate, cupreous, cuprous, distorted, do up, dressed up, dummy,
embellished, embroidered, encase, encyst, ersatz, factitious, fake,
faked, falsified, feigned, ferrous, ferruginous, fictitious,
fictive, garbled, gilt, gold, gold-filled, gold-plated, golden,
hamper, illegitimate, imitation, iron, ironlike, jar, junky, lead,
leaden, make-believe, man-made, mercurial, mercurous, mock, nickel,
nickelic, nickeline, pack, package, parcel, perverted, pewter,
pewtery, phony, pinchbeck, pot, pretended, pseudo, put up, put-on,
quasi, queer, quicksilver, sack, self-styled, sham, shoddy, silver,
silver-plated, silvery, simulated, so-called, soi-disant, spurious,
steel, steely, supposititious, synthetic, tank, tinny, tinsel,
titivated, twisted, unauthentic, ungenuine, unnatural, unreal,

Heb. bedil (Num. 31:22; Ezek. 22:18, 20), a metal well known in
ancient times. It is the general opinion that the Phoenicians of
Tyre and Sidon obtained their supplies of tin from the British
Isles. In Ezek. 27:12 it is said to have been brought from
Tarshish, which was probably a commercial emporium supplied with
commodities from other places. In Isa. 1:25 the word so rendered
is generally understood of lead, the alloy with which the silver
had become mixed (ver. 22). The fire of the Babylonish Captivity
would be the means of purging out the idolatrous alloy that had
corrupted the people.



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