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spade    音標拼音: [sp'ed]
n. 鏟子,鋤,鏟鑿,黑桃
vt. 以鋤掘,以鑿子剖切
vi. 鏟


n 1: a playing card in the major suit that has one or more black
figures on it; "she led a low spade"; "spades were trumps"
2: a sturdy hand shovel that can be pushed into the earth with
the foot
3: (ethnic slur) extremely offensive name for a Black person;
"only a Black can call another Black a nigga" [synonym: {nigger},
{nigga}, {spade}, {coon}, {jigaboo}, {nigra}]
v 1: dig (up) with a spade; "I spade compost into the flower

Spade \Spade\ (sp[=a]d), v. t. [imp. & p. p. {Spaded}; p. pr. &
vb. n. {Spading}.]
To dig with a spade; to pare off the sward of, as land, with
a spade.
[1913 Webster]

Spade \Spade\, n. [Cf. {Spay}, n.]
1. (Zool.) A hart or stag three years old. [Written also
{spaid}, {spayade}.]
[1913 Webster]

2. [Cf. L. spado.] A castrated man or beast.
[1913 Webster]

Spade \Spade\, n. [AS. spaed; spada; akin to D. spade, G.
spaten, Icel. spa[eth]i, Dan. & Sw. spade, L. spatha a
spatula, a broad two-edged sword, a spathe, Gr. spa`qh. Cf.
{Epaulet}, {Spade} at cards, {Spathe}, {Spatula}.]
1. An implement for digging or cutting the ground, consisting
usually of an oblong and nearly rectangular blade of iron,
with a handle like that of a shovel. "With spade and
pickax armed." --Milton.
[1913 Webster]

2. [Sp. espada, literally, a sword; -- so caused because
these cards among the Spanish bear the figure of a sword.
Sp. espada is fr. L. spatha, Gr. spa`qh. See the Etymology
above.] One of that suit of cards each of which bears one
or more figures resembling a spade.
[1913 Webster]

"Let spades be trumps!" she said. --Pope.
[1913 Webster]

3. A cutting instrument used in flensing a whale.
[1913 Webster]

{Spade bayonet}, a bayonet with a broad blade which may be
used digging; -- called also {trowel bayonet}.

{Spade handle} (Mach.), the forked end of a connecting rod in
which a pin is held at both ends. See Illust. of {Knuckle
joint}, under {Knuckle}.
[1913 Webster]

138 Moby Thesaurus words for "spade":
American Indian, Amerind, Australian aborigine, Bushman, Caucasian,
Indian, Malayan, Mister Charley, Mongolian, Negrillo, Negrito,
Negro, Oriental, Red Indian, WASP, ace, backset, bail, best bower,
black, black man, blackfellow, bore, bower, boy, brown man, bucket,
burrhead, burrow, cards, clubs, colored person, coon, cultivate,
culture, cup, cut, darky, decant, deck, delve, deuce, diamonds,
dig, dig out, dike, dip, dish, dish out, dish up, dredge, dress,
drill, drive, dummy, excavate, face cards, fallow, fertilize,
flush, force, fork, full house, furrow, gook, gouge, gouge out,
groove, grub, hand, harrow, hearts, hoe, honky, jack, jigaboo,
joker, jungle bunny, king, knave, ladle, left bower, list, lower,
mine, mulch, nigger, niggra, ofay, pack, pair, paleface,
picture cards, playing cards, plow, pour, prune, pygmy, quarry,
queen, rake, red man, redskin, round, royal flush, rubber, ruff,
sap, scoop, scoop out, scrabble, scrape, scratch, shovel,
singleton, sink, slant-eye, spades, spoon, straight, the Man, thin,
thin out, till, till the soil, trench, trey, trick, trough, trump,
tunnel, weed, weed out, white, white man, whitey, work,
yellow man

Specification Processing And Dependency Extraction.
Specification language. G.S. Boddy, ICL Mainframes Div,



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