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skin    音標拼音: [sk'ɪn]
n. 皮膚,皮
vt. 剝皮,使愈合
vi. 長皮,愈合,蛻皮



n 1: a natural protective body covering and site of the sense of
touch; "your skin is the largest organ of your body" [synonym:
{skin}, {tegument}, {cutis}]
2: an outer surface (usually thin); "the skin of an airplane"
3: body covering of a living animal [synonym: {hide}, {pelt},
4: a person's skin regarded as their life; "he tried to save his
5: the rind of a fruit or vegetable [synonym: {peel}, {skin}]
6: a bag serving as a container for liquids; it is made from the
hide of an animal
v 1: climb awkwardly, as if by scrambling [synonym: {clamber},
{scramble}, {shin}, {shinny}, {skin}, {struggle},
2: bruise, cut, or injure the skin or the surface of; "The boy
skinned his knee when he fell" [synonym: {skin}, {scrape}]
3: remove the bark of a tree [synonym: {bark}, {skin}]
4: strip the skin off; "pare apples" [synonym: {skin}, {peel},

Skin \Skin\, n. [Icel. skinn; akin to Sw. skinn, Dan. skind, AS.
scinn, G. schined to skin.]
1. (Anat.) The external membranous integument of an animal.
[1913 Webster]

Note: In man, and the vertebrates generally, the skin consist
of two layers, an outer nonsensitive and nonvascular
epidermis, cuticle, or skarfskin, composed of cells
which are constantly growing and multiplying in the
deeper, and being thrown off in the superficial,
layers; and an inner sensitive, and vascular dermis,
cutis, corium, or true skin, composed mostly of
connective tissue.
[1913 Webster]

2. The hide of an animal, separated from the body, whether
green, dry, or tanned; especially, that of a small animal,
as a calf, sheep, or goat.
[1913 Webster]

3. A vessel made of skin, used for holding liquids. See
{Bottle}, 1. "Skins of wine." --Tennyson.
[1913 Webster]

4. The bark or husk of a plant or fruit; the exterior coat of
fruits and plants.
[1913 Webster]

5. (Naut.)
(a) That part of a sail, when furled, which remains on the
outside and covers the whole. --Totten.
(b) The covering, as of planking or iron plates, outside
the framing, forming the sides and bottom of a vessel;
the shell; also, a lining inside the framing.
[1913 Webster]

{Skin friction}, {Skin resistance} (Naut.), the friction, or
resistance, caused by the tendency of water to adhere to
the immersed surface (skin) of a vessel.

{Skin graft} (Surg.), a small portion of skin used in the
process of grafting. See {Graft}, v. t., 2.

{Skin moth} (Zool.), any insect which destroys the prepared
skins of animals, especially the larva of Dermestes and

{Skin of the teeth}, nothing, or next to nothing; the least
possible hold or advantage. --Job xix. 20.

{Skin wool}, wool taken from dead sheep.
[1913 Webster]

Skin \Skin\, v. t. [imp. & p. p. {Skinned}; p. pr. & vb. n.
1. To strip off the skin or hide of; to flay; to peel; as, to
skin an animal.
[1913 Webster]

2. To cover with skin, or as with skin; hence, to cover
[1913 Webster]

It will but skin and film the ulcerous place.
[1913 Webster]

3. To strip of money or property; to cheat. [Slang]
[1913 Webster]

Skin \Skin\, v. i.
1. To become covered with skin; as, a wound skins over.
[1913 Webster]

2. To produce, in recitation, examination, etc., the work of
another for one's own, or to use in such exercise cribs,
memeoranda, etc., which are prohibited. [College Cant,
[1913 Webster]

409 Moby Thesaurus words for "skin":
C, C-note, G, G-note, IUD, ablate, abrade, abrase, acne,
acne vulgaris, bag, bark, barrel, bear the palm, beat,
beat all hollow, beat hollow, beeline, best, bill,
birth control device, blame, bleed, bleed white, blemish, bloody,
bone, border, bran, break, buck, bucket, bullet, burn, capsule,
cartwheel, case, casing, censure, cent, century, chafe, chaff,
cheapskate, cheat, check, chip, circumference, clad, claw, clip,
clobber, coat, coating, collop, con man, condemn, condom,
contraceptive, contraceptive foam, copper, cork, corn shuck,
cornhusk, cortex, cover, covering, crack, craze, crust,
cursoriness, cut, cut off, deal, decorticate, defeat, defoliate,
defrauder, denounce, denude, denunciate, deplume, derma,
dermamycosis, dermatitis, dermatosis, despoil, destroy, diaphragm,
diddler, dime, disk, dismember, displume, divest, do in, dollar,
dollar bill, double-dealer, drain, draw and quarter, drub, dry,
eczema, elephantiasis, enamel, envelope, epicarp, epidermis,
epithelioma, erase, erode, erysipelas, erythema, exanthem,
excoriate, exhaust, exploit, exterior, exteriority, external,
facade, face, facet, facing, fell, feuille, fifty cents, file,
film, fin, fish, five cents, five hundred dollars,
five-dollar bill, five-hundred-dollar bill, five-spot, fiver, fix,
flap, flay, fleece, fleet, flimflammer, foil, fold, four bits,
fracture, fray, frazzle, fret, fringe, frogskin, front, fur, gall,
gash, gloss, gnaw, gnaw away, gouge, grand, grate, graze, grind,
gyp, half G, half a C, half dollar, half grand, haste, hasten,
heat rash, herpes, herpes simplex, herpes zoster, hide, highball,
hives, hold up, hors de combat, hull, hundred-dollar bill, hurt,
husk, hustle, impetigo, impoverish, incise, incrustation, injure,
integument, intrauterine device, iron man, itch, jacket,
jungle rot, knock, lacerate, lacquer, lambaste, lamella, lamina,
laminated glass, laminated wood, lap, lather, leaf, leprosy,
lichen, lichen primus, lick, lineaments, lupus, lupus vulgaris,
maim, make mincemeat of, mangle, maul, membrane, mere scratch,
miliaria, milk, mill, mutilate, nickel, niggard, no depth,
no water, oral contraceptive, outclass, outdo, outer face,
outer layer, outer side, outer skin, outfight, outgeneral, outline,
outmaneuver, outpoint, outrun, outsail, outshine, outside,
overcharge, overlay, overprice, overtax, paint, palea, pane, panel,
pare, patina, peel, peeling, pellicle, pelt, pemphigus, penny,
periphery, pessary, phellum, pick clean, pick to pieces, pierce,
pinprick, plait, plank, plate, plating, pluck, ply, plywood, pod,
prickly heat, profiteer, prophylactic, pruigo, pruritus, psora,
pull apart, pull off, puncture, put, quarter, rap, rasher, rasp,
raze, red cent, rend, reprehend, reprobate, revetment, rind,
ringworm, rip, rub away, rub off, rub out, rubber, ruin, run,
rupture, safety glass, savage, sawbuck, scabies, scald, scale,
scalp, scorch, scotch, scour, scrape, scratch, screw, scrooge,
scrub, scuff, scum, settle, shallowness, sharper, shear, sheath,
sheathing, sheet, shell, shingles, shoaliness, shred, shuck, side,
siding, silver dollar, skin alive, skin cancer, skinflint, slab,
slash, slat, slice, slightness, slit, slough, smacker, soak,
spermicidal jelly, spermicide, sprain, stab, stick, stiff, sting,
strain, strip, strip bare, suck dry, superficiality, superficies,
superstratum, surcharge, surface, swindle, table, tablet,
take apart, take the cake, tear, tear apart, tear to pieces,
tear to tatters, ten cents, ten-spot, tenner, tetter, the pill,
thousand dollars, thousand-dollar bill, thrash, tightwad, top,
traumatize, trim, triumph, triumph over, triviality, trounce,
twenty-dollar bill, twenty-five cents, two bits, two-dollar bill,
two-spot, undo, varnish, veneer, victimize, wafer, wear, wear away,
whip, win, worst, wound, wrench, yard

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