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silk    音標拼音: [s'ɪlk]
n. 綢,綢鍛類,絲,絲織品
a. 絲的,絲織的


n 1: a fabric made from the fine threads produced by certain
insect larvae
2: animal fibers produced by silkworms and other larvae that
spin cocoons and by most spiders

Floss \Floss\ (?; 195), n. [It. floscio flabby, soft, fr. L.
fluxus flowing, loose, slack. See {Flux}, n.]
1. (Bot.) The slender styles of the pistillate flowers of
maize; also called {silk}.
[1913 Webster]

2. Untwisted filaments of silk, used in embroidering.
[1913 Webster]

3. A body feather of an ostrich. Flosses are soft, and gray
from the female and black from the male.
[Webster 1913 Suppl.]

{Floss silk}, silk that has been twisted, and which retains
its loose and downy character. It is much used in
embroidery. Called also {floxed silk}.

{Floss thread}, a kind of soft flaxen yarn or thread, used
for embroidery; -- called also {linen floss}, and {floss
yarn}. --McElrath.
[1913 Webster]

Silk \Silk\, n. [OE. silk, selk, AS. seolc, seoloc; akin to
Icel. silki, SW. & Dan. silke; prob. through Slavic from an
Oriental source; cf. Lith. szilkai, Russ. shelk', and also L.
sericum Seric stuff, silk. Cf. {Sericeous}. {Serge} a woolen
1. The fine, soft thread produced by various species of
caterpillars in forming the cocoons within which the worm
is inclosed during the pupa state, especially that
produced by the larvae of {Bombyx mori}.
[1913 Webster]

2. Hence, thread spun, or cloth woven, from the above-named
[1913 Webster]

3. That which resembles silk, as the filiform styles of the
female flower of maize.
[1913 Webster]

{Raw silk}, silk as it is wound off from the cocoons, and
before it is manufactured.

{Silk cotton}, a cottony substance enveloping the seeds of
the silk-cotton tree.

{Silk-cotton tree} (Bot.), a name for several tropical trees
of the genera {Bombax} and {Eriodendron}, and belonging to
the order {Bombaceae}. The trees grow to an immense size,
and have their seeds enveloped in a cottony substance,
which is used for stuffing cushions, but can not be spun.

{Silk flower}. (Bot.)
(a) The silk tree.
(b) A similar tree ({Calliandra trinervia}) of Peru.

{Silk fowl} (Zool.), a breed of domestic fowls having silky

{Silk gland} (Zool.), a gland which secretes the material of
silk, as in spider or a silkworm; a sericterium.

{Silk gown}, the distinctive robe of a barrister who has been
appointed king's or queen's counsel; hence, the counsel
himself. Such a one has precedence over mere barristers,
who wear stuff gowns. [Eng.]

{Silk grass} (Bot.), a kind of grass ({Stipa comata}) of the
Western United States, which has very long silky awns. The
name is also sometimes given to various species of the
genera {Aqave} and {Yucca}.

{Silk moth} (Zool.), the adult moth of any silkworm. See

{Silk shag}, a coarse, rough-woven silk, like plush, but with
a stiffer nap.

{Silk spider} (Zool.), a large spider ({Nephila plumipes}),
native of the Southern United States, remarkable for the
large quantity of strong silk it produces and for the
great disparity in the sizes of the sexes.

{Silk thrower}, {Silk throwster}, one who twists or spins
silk, and prepares it for weaving. --Brande & C.

{Silk tree} (Bot.), an Asiatic leguminous tree ({Albizzia
Julibrissin}) with finely bipinnate leaves, and large flat
pods; -- so called because of the abundant long silky
stamens of its blossoms. Also called {silk flower}.

{Silk vessel}. (Zool.) Same as {Silk gland}, above.

{Virginia silk} (Bot.), a climbing plant ({Periploca
Gr[ae]ca}) of the Milkweed family, having a silky tuft on
the seeds. It is native in Southern Europe.
[1913 Webster]

109 Moby Thesaurus words for "silk":
AG, DA, KC, QC, SSC, US attorney, alabaster, attorney general,
billiard table, blubber, bowling alley, bowling green, breeze,
butter, civilian, clay, cloth, corporation lawyer,
court-appointed lawyer, criminal lawyer, cushion, daintiness,
defense counsel, delicacy, district attorney, dough, down,
downiness, drapery, eiderdown, etoffe, fabric, feather bed,
feathers, felt, filminess, fine-grainedness, fineness, flat,
fleece, floss, flue, fluff, fluffiness, foam, fuzz, fuzziness,
glass, goods, gossameriness, ice, ivory, junior counsel, kapok,
lace, law agent, leader, level, mahogany, marble, material,
mouthpiece, napery, peach fuzz, pillow, plane, plush,
private attorney, prosecuting attorney, prosecutor, pubescence,
public prosecutor, publicist, pudding, puff, putty, rag,
refinement, rubber, satin, satininess, silk gown, silkiness, slide,
smooth, smoothness, softness, solicitor general, special pleader,
stuff, stuff gown, stuff-gownsman, swansdown, tennis court,
textile, textile fabric, texture, thistledown, tissu, tissue,
velvet, velvetiness, wax, weave, web, weft, woof, wool, zephyr



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