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script    音標拼音: [skr'ɪpt]
n. 手寫體
n. 手跡,手稿,副本
vt. 改編為演出本


原本; 手跡

手跡 劇本 原本

n 1: a written version of a play or other dramatic composition;
used in preparing for a performance [synonym: {script}, {book},
2: something written by hand; "she recognized his handwriting";
"his hand was illegible" [synonym: {handwriting}, {hand},
3: a particular orthography or writing system
v 1: write a script for; "The playwright scripted the movie"

Script \Script\, n. [OE. scrit, L. scriptum something written,
fr. scribere, scriptum to write: cf. OF. escript, escrit, F.
['e]crit. See {Scribe}, and cf. {Scrip} a writing.]
1. A writing; a written document. [Obs.] --Chaucer.
[1913 Webster]

2. (Print.) Type made in imitation of handwriting.
[1913 Webster]

3. (Law) An original instrument or document.
[1913 Webster]

4. Written characters; style of writing.
[1913 Webster]
[1913 Webster]

211 Moby Thesaurus words for "script":
IPA, ITA, Initial Teaching Alphabet,
International Phonetic Alphabet, alphabet, alphabetics, arrange,
art, article, ascender, autograph, autography, back, bastard type,
beard, belly, bevel, black letter, blank, blueprint, body, book,
brainchild, calligraphy, cap, capital, case, charactering,
characterization, chart, chirograph, chirography, choreography,
composition, computer printout, configure, continuity,
conventional representation, copy, counter, create, cue,
dance notation, delineation, demonstration, depiction, depictment,
descender, design, diagram, docket, document, dossier, draft,
drama, drawing, edited version, em, en, engrossment, essay,
exemplification, face, fair copy, fat-faced type, feet, fiction,
figuration, file, final draft, finished version, first draft, fist,
flimsy, font, form, futhark, graphanalysis, graphemics, graphology,
graphometry, groove, hand, handwriting, hieroglyphic, holograph,
iconography, ideogram, illustration, imagery, imaging, instrument,
italic, lay out, legal document, legal instrument, legal paper,
letter, letters, libretto, ligature, limning, lines,
literae scriptae, literary artefact, literary production,
literature, logogram, logograph, logotype, lower case, lucubration,
majuscule, manuscript, map, matter, minuscule, musical notation,
nick, nonfiction, notation, official document, opus, order,
organize, original, paleography, paper, papers, parchment, pattern,
pen, pencraft, penmanship, penscript, personal file, pi, pica,
pictogram, picturization, piece, piece of writing, plan, play,
playbook, poem, point, portraiture, portrayal, prefigurement,
prepare, presentment, print, printed matter, printing, printout,
production, projection, reading matter, realization, recension,
rendering, rendition, representation, roll, roman, runic alphabet,
sans serif, scenario, scene plot, schema, score, screed, scrip,
scription, scrive, scroll, second draft, shank, shooting script,
shoulder, side, small cap, small capital, stamp, stem, stylography,
syllabary, symbol, tablature, teleplay, text, the written word,
transcript, transcription, type, type body, type class, type lice,
typecase, typeface, typefounders, typefoundry, typescript,
upper case, version, work, writ, write, writing, writing system



  • script在劍橋英語詞典中的解釋及翻譯
    script的意思、解釋及翻譯:1 the words of a film, play, broadcast, or speech: 2 a set of letters used for writing a particular language: 3 writing, especially when well-formed: 。了解更多。
  • script中文翻譯,script是什麼意思:筆跡…《查查》英語翻譯
    We use script letter to avoid confusion with the incidence and circ matrices 為了避免與關聯矩陣和廣義圈矩陣混淆,我們利用了草體字母。 Although i could probably speak off the cuff for two hours, i always work from a script
  • script的中文翻釋和情境影片範例 - VoiceTube 翻譯字典
    解釋:n 腳本,手跡;書寫體鉛字;劇本、廣播稿或者電影劇本; vt 為電影(或戲劇等)寫劇本;編造; 例句:At the begin of the script directly after the initial block of comment 放在最初的解釋:模塊後面,script的起始部分。Meanwhile,
  • scrip在劍橋英語詞典中的解釋及翻譯
    scrip的意思、解釋及翻譯:1 something that is not currency but that can be used in the same way as money, for example, points you collect when you shop at a particular store and gift certificates: 2 extra shares that are given to shareholders in a company instead of a cash dividend: 3 a document that…。了解更多。
  • script writer中文翻譯,script writer是什麼意思:電影劇本作者…《查查》英語翻譯
    What are all the script writers doing these days 那些劇本作者這些天都在干什么? Robert , script writer 電影腳本的羅伯特; For example , you shouldn ' t rely on the script writers to keep all the numeric values within legal bounds 例如,你不能依賴(保證)腳本作者把所有的數值都限定在合法的范圍內。
  • parsing 的中文翻譯 | 英漢字典 - cdict. net
    parsing p'ɑrsɪŋ 共發現 7 筆關於 [parsing] 的資料 (解釋內文之英文單字均可再點入查詢) 來源(1): pydict data [pydict] parsing 語法分析,句法分析,析詞,析離 來源(2): 看影片學英語 [VoiceTube]
  • 文字介面線上字典 Script | Tsungs Blog
    在 BBS 看到有人寫幾行的 script, 做的事情就是把參數傳給 Yahoo! 字典, 然後把抓回來的資料去掉 html, 就是很清楚的查詢結果, 給 Leeym 長輩看了後, 長輩給了另一個 Perl 版本的 scrtip, 除了清楚的查詢結果外, 還有詞性 + 顏色, 而且還有 spell check(Y! 字典提供的修正)
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  • 變化莫測成語 | HIZGN
    變化多端--成語字典辭典查詢出處、用法、意思及典故 變化多端,成語查詢成語大全,成語字典辭典查詢出處、用法、意思及典故 成語搜尋 搜尋成語: 成語關聯解釋 上一個 檢視全部 下一個 你查詢的成語是: 變化多端 (拼音: biàn huà duō duān)

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