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pig    音標拼音: [p'ɪg]
n. 豬,豬肉,貪婪的人
vi. 生小豬


n 1: domestic swine [synonym: {hog}, {pig}, {grunter}, {squealer},
{Sus scrofa}]
2: a coarse obnoxious person [synonym: {slob}, {sloven}, {pig},
{slovenly person}]
3: a person regarded as greedy and pig-like [synonym: {hog}, {pig}]
4: uncomplimentary terms for a policeman [synonym: {bull}, {cop},
{copper}, {fuzz}, {pig}]
5: mold consisting of a bed of sand in which pig iron is cast
[synonym: {pig bed}, {pig}]
6: a crude block of metal (lead or iron) poured from a smelting
v 1: live like a pig, in squalor [synonym: {pig}, {pig it}]
2: eat greedily; "he devoured three sandwiches" [synonym: {devour},
{guttle}, {raven}, {pig}]
3: give birth; "sows farrow" [synonym: {farrow}, {pig}]

Pig \Pig\, n.
A piggin. [Written also {pigg}.]
[1913 Webster]

Pig \Pig\, n. [Cf. D. big, bigge, LG. bigge, also Dan. pige
girl, Sw. piga, Icel. p[imac]ka.]
1. The young of swine, male or female; also, any swine; a
hog. "Two pigges in a poke." --Chaucer.
[1913 Webster]

2. (Zool.) Any wild species of the genus {Sus} and related
[1913 Webster]

3. [Cf. {Sow} a channel for melted iron.] An oblong mass of
cast iron, lead, or other metal. See {Mine pig}, under
[1913 Webster]

4. One who is hoggish; a greedy person. [Low]
[1913 Webster]

{Masked pig}. (Zool.) See under {Masked}.

{Pig bed} (Founding), the bed of sand in which the iron from
a smelting furnace is cast into pigs.

{Pig iron}, cast iron in pigs, or oblong blocks or bars, as
it comes from the smelting furnace. See {Pig}, 4.

{Pig yoke} (Naut.), a nickname for a quadrant or sextant.

{A pig in a poke} (that is, bag), a blind bargain; something
bought or bargained for, without the quality or the value
being known. [Colloq.]
[1913 Webster]

Pig \Pig\, v. t. & i. [imp. & p. p. {Pigged}; p. pr. & vb. n.
1. To bring forth (pigs); to bring forth in the manner of
pigs; to farrow.
[1913 Webster]

2. To huddle or lie together like pigs, in one bed.
[1913 Webster]

398 Moby Thesaurus words for "pig":
Angora goat, Arctic fox, Belgian hare, Caffre cat, Dogberry,
Indian buffalo, John Law, Kodiak bear, Virginia deer, aardvark,
aardwolf, alpaca, animal, anteater, antelope, antelope chipmunk,
aoudad, apar, armadillo, ass, aurochs, bacon, badger, bandicoot,
barrow, bassarisk, bat, bear, beast, beaver, belly-god, bettong,
bicycle, bigot, bike, binturong, bison, black bear, black buck,
black cat, black fox, black sheep, blue fox, bluecoat, boar, bobby,
bobcat, brown bear, brush deer, brush wolf, buffalo, buffalo wolf,
bull, bullion, burro, burro deer, butt, button, cachalot, camel,
camelopard, capybara, carabao, caribou, carpincho, cast, casting,
cat, cat-a-mountain, catamount, cattalo, cavy, chamois, chauvinist,
cheetah, chevrotain, chinchilla, chipmunk, chitterlings, chopper,
cinnamon bear, cochon de lait, coon, coon cat, cop, copper,
cormorant, cotton mouse, cotton rat, cougar, cow, coyote, coypu,
cracklings, cur, cycle, cyprian, deer, deer tiger, dick, dingo,
doctrinaire, dog, dogmatist, donkey, dormouse, drab, dromedary,
echidna, eland, elephant, elk, ermine, eyra, fallow deer, fanatic,
fat back, ferret, field mouse, fisher, fitch, flatfoot, flattie,
flitch, flying phalanger, foumart, fox, fox squirrel, frump, fuzz,
gammon, gate, gazelle, gemsbok, gendarme, genet, gilt, giraffe,
glutton, gnu, gnu goat, goat, goat antelope, gopher, gorger,
gormand, gormandizer, gourmand, gourmandizer, greedy eater,
greedygut, greedyguts, grizzly bear, ground squirrel, groundhog,
guanaco, guinea pig, gumshoe, guttler, ham, ham steak, hamster,
hare, harnessed antelope, hartebeest, haslet, headcheese, heat,
hedgehog, hippopotamus, hog, horse, hound, husky eater, hussy,
hyena, hyrax, ibex, illiberal, ingot, insect, intolerant, iron,
jackal, jackass, jackrabbit, jade, jaguar, jaguarundi, jambon,
jambonneau, jerboa, jerboa kangaroo, jezebel, jingo, kaama,
kangaroo, kangaroo mouse, kangaroo rat, karakul, kinkajou, kit fox,
koala, lapin, lard, lemming, leopard, leopard cat, lion, litterbug,
llama, lynx, male chauvinist, mammoth, man, mara, marmot, marten,
mastodon, meerkat, minibike, mink, mole, mongoose, mongrel, moose,
motocycle, motorbike, motorcycle, mouflon, mountain goat,
mountain lion, mountain sheep, mouse, mule, mule deer, muntjac,
musk deer, musk hog, musk-ox, muskrat, musquash, nab, nilgai,
nutria, ocelot, okapi, onager, oont, opossum, otter, ounce, ox,
pack rat, paddy, painter, panda, pangolin, panther, peccary,
pedicab, peeler, peludo, phalanger, picnic ham, pieds de cochon,
piggy, piglet, pigling, pine mouse, platypus, pocket gopher,
pocket mouse, pocket rat, polar bear, polar fox, polecat,
porcupine, pork, porker, porkpie, possum, pouched rat, poyou,
prairie dog, prairie wolf, pronghorn, puma, rabbit, raccoon,
racist, rat, razorback, red deer, red squirrel, regulus, reindeer,
reptile, rhinoceros, road-bike, roe, roe deer, roebuck, sable,
salt pork, schlep, schlump, serpent, serval, sexist, shamus, sheep,
sheet metal, shoat, shrew, shrew mole, side of bacon, sika,
silver fox, skunk, slattern, slob, sloppy Joe, sloth, sloven, slut,
small ham, snake, snowshoe rabbit, sow, sowbelly, springbok,
squirrel, stoat, strumpet, suckling pig, superpatriot, suslik,
swamp rabbit, swine, takin, tamandua, tamarin, tapir, tarpan,
tatou, tatou peba, tatouay, the cops, the fuzz, the law, tiger,
tiger cat, timber wolf, trail bike, tramp, tree shrew, trencherman,
trencherwoman, tricycle, trike, trollop, trotters, trull, tusker,
ultranationalist, urus, varmint, vermin, viper, vole, wallaby,
warthog, water buffalo, waterbuck, weasel, wharf rat, wheel, whelp,
whistler, white fox, wild ass, wild boar, wild goat, wild ox,
wildcat, wildebeest, wolf, wolverine, wombat, wood rat, woodchuck,
woolly mammoth, worm, yak, zebra, zebu, zoril



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