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picture    音標拼音: [p'ɪktʃɚ]
n. 圖片,照片,影片
v. 繪畫,拍攝,描寫,想象,圖畫


圖像;畫面;格式;圖形;畫片;相片;圖畫;圖象;形象描述 PIC;PC

圖畫 圖象

n 1: a visual representation (of an object or scene or person or
abstraction) produced on a surface; "they showed us the
pictures of their wedding"; "a movie is a series of images
projected so rapidly that the eye integrates them" [synonym:
{picture}, {image}, {icon}, {ikon}]
2: graphic art consisting of an artistic composition made by
applying paints to a surface; "a small painting by Picasso";
"he bought the painting as an investment"; "his pictures hang
in the Louvre" [synonym: {painting}, {picture}]
3: a clear and telling mental image; "he described his mental
picture of his assailant"; "he had no clear picture of
himself or his world"; "the events left a permanent
impression in his mind" [synonym: {mental picture}, {picture},
4: a situation treated as an observable object; "the political
picture is favorable"; "the religious scene in England has
changed in the last century" [synonym: {picture}, {scene}]
5: illustrations used to decorate or explain a text; "the
dictionary had many pictures" [synonym: {picture}, {pictorial
6: a form of entertainment that enacts a story by sound and a
sequence of images giving the illusion of continuous
movement; "they went to a movie every Saturday night"; "the
film was shot on location" [synonym: {movie}, {film}, {picture},
{moving picture}, {moving-picture show}, {motion picture},
{motion-picture show}, {picture show}, {pic}, {flick}]
7: the visible part of a television transmission; "they could
still receive the sound but the picture was gone" [synonym:
{video}, {picture}]
8: a graphic or vivid verbal description; "too often the
narrative was interrupted by long word pictures"; "the author
gives a depressing picture of life in Poland"; "the pamphlet
contained brief characterizations of famous Vermonters" [synonym:
{word picture}, {word-painting}, {delineation}, {depiction},
{picture}, {characterization}, {characterisation}]
9: a typical example of some state or quality; "the very picture
of a modern general"; "she was the picture of despair"
10: a representation of a person or scene in the form of a print
or transparent slide; recorded by a camera on light-
sensitive material [synonym: {photograph}, {photo}, {exposure},
{picture}, {pic}]
v 1: imagine; conceive of; see in one's mind; "I can't see him
on horseback!"; "I can see what will happen"; "I can see a
risk in this strategy" [synonym: {visualize}, {visualise},
{envision}, {project}, {fancy}, {see}, {figure}, {picture},
2: show in, or as in, a picture; "This scene depicts country
life"; "the face of the child is rendered with much
tenderness in this painting" [synonym: {picture}, {depict},
{render}, {show}]

Picture \Pic"ture\, n. [L. pictura, fr. pingere, pictum, to
paint: cf. F. peinture. See {Paint}.]
1. The art of painting; representation by painting. [Obs.]
[1913 Webster]

Any well-expressed image . . . either in picture or
sculpture. --Sir H.
[1913 Webster]

2. A representation of anything (as a person, a landscape, a
building) upon canvas, paper, or other surface, produced
by means of painting, drawing, engraving, photography,
etc.; a representation in colors. By extension, a figure;
a model.
[1913 Webster]

Pictures and shapes are but secondary objects.
[1913 Webster]

The young king's picture . . . in virgin wax.
[1913 Webster]

3. An image or resemblance; a representation, either to the
eye or to the mind; that which, by its likeness, brings
vividly to mind some other thing; as, a child is the
picture of his father; the man is the picture of grief.
[1913 Webster]

My eyes make pictures when they are shut.
[1913 Webster]

Note: Picture is often used adjectively, or in forming
self-explaining compounds; as, picture book or
picture-book, picture frame or picture-frame, picture
seller or picture-seller, etc.
[1913 Webster]

{Animated picture}, a moving picture.

{Picture gallery}, a gallery, or large apartment, devoted to
the exhibition of pictures.

{Picture red}, a rod of metal tube fixed to the walls of a
room, from which pictures are hung.

{Picture writing}.
(a) The art of recording events, or of expressing
messages, by means of pictures representing the
actions or circumstances in question. --Tylor.
(b) The record or message so represented; as, the picture
writing of the American Indians.
[1913 Webster]

Syn: {Picture}, {Painting}.

Usage: Every kind of representation by drawing or painting is
a picture, whether made with oil colors, water colors,
pencil, crayons, or India ink; strictly, a painting is
a picture made by means of colored paints, usually
applied moist with a brush.
[1913 Webster]

Picture \Pic"ture\, v. t. [imp. & p. p. {Pictured}; p. pr. & vb.
n. {Picturing}.]
To draw or paint a resemblance of; to delineate; to
represent; to form or present an ideal likeness of; to bring
before the mind. "I . . . do picture it in my mind."
[1913 Webster]

I have not seen him so pictured. --Shak.
[1913 Webster]

452 Moby Thesaurus words for "picture":
3-D, CRT spot, Cinemascope, Cinerama, DM display, Doppler signal,
IF signal, IM display, RF echoes, Technicolor, Telephoto,
Vorstellung, Western, Wirephoto, abstract, abstraction,
aerial photograph, ally, altarpiece, alter ego, analogon, analogue,
animated cartoon, approach, arrangement, artwork, associate,
attack, badge, banner, beam, beat signal, black spot,
black-and-white film, black-and-white photograph, blips,
block print, bloom, blooping, blueprint, blueprinting, bounces,
brass tacks, bring to life, brother, calculation, call to mind,
call up, cameo, candid photograph, carbon copy, cartoon, catalog,
cataloging, catch a likeness, certified copy, chalk, character,
character sketch, characteristic, characterization, characterize,
charcoal, chart, charting, cheesecake, chiller, chronophotograph,
cine, cinema, close copy, close match, cognate, collage, color,
color film, color photograph, color print, companion, complement,
concept, conception, conceptualization, congenator, congener,
conjure up, contrivance, coordinate, copy, correlate, correlative,
correspondent, counterfeit, counterpart, crayon, creepie,
crosshatch, cyclorama, dash off, daub, dead ringer, definition,
delineate, delineation, depict, depiction, describe, description,
design, details, device, diagram, diapositive, differentia,
diptych, display, disposition, documentary, documentary film,
doodle, double, double-dot display, draft, draw, drawing,
duplicate, earmark, echo, echo signal, ectype, educational film,
effigy, eidetic image, embodiment, engraving, enterprise, envisage,
envisagement, envisaging, envision, envisioning, epitome,
equivalent, essence, essential facts, essentials, evocation, evoke,
exact likeness, express, eyeful, facsimile, fair copy,
faithful copy, fake, fancy, feature, fellow, figuring, film, flare,
flick, flicker, foresight, forethought, forgery, fresco,
fringe area, game, ghost, give words to, granulation,
graphic account, graphing, grid, ground plan, guidelines, hallmark,
hard shadow, hatch, heliochrome, heliograph, hit off,
horror picture, horse opera, icon, idea, idiosyncrasy, idol,
illumination, illustrate, illustration, image, imagery,
imagery study, imagine, imaging, imagism, imitation, impression,
incarnation, index, indicant, indicator, insignia, intention,
interpret, itemization, just see, keynote, kindred spirit, layout,
lifelike image, like, likeness, limn, limning, lineup,
living image, living picture, local oscillator signal,
long-range plan, map, mapping, mark, master plan, match, mate,
measure, mental image, mental picture, mental representation,
method, methodology, miniature, mirroring, model, montage, mosaic,
motion picture, motion-picture show, movie, moving picture, mug,
mug shot, multiple image, mural, near duplicate, newsreel, noise,
notate, note, notion, nudie, objectification, objectify, obverse,
operations research, organization, outline, output signal, paint,
paint a picture, painting, panorama, parallel, particularization,
pasticcio, pastiche, peculiarity, pencil, pendant, personification,
phony, photo, photobiography, photochronograph, photodrama,
photograph, photomap, photomicrograph, photomontage, photomural,
photoplay, picture noise, picture shifts, picture show, picturing,
picturize, pinup, pips, plan, planning, planning function, poem,
poetic imagery, pornographic film, portrait, portraiture, portray,
portrayal, prearrangement, presentment, preview, print, procedure,
profile, program, program of action, property, prototype,
radar signal, rain, rationalization, reading, realize, reciprocal,
reflection, register, render, rendering, rendition, represent,
representation, representative, reproduction, resemblance, return,
return signal, ringer, rolling, rub, rubbing, scanning pattern,
schedule, schema, schematism, schematization, schematize, scheme,
scheme of arrangement, scintillation, scratch, scumble, seal,
second self, see, semblance, set forth, setup, shade, shading,
shadow, short, shot, show, sigil, sign, signal, signal display,
signature, silent, silent film, similitude, simulacrum, sister,
sketch, skin flick, slide, snap, snapshot, sneak preview, snow,
snowstorm, soul mate, spaghetti Western, specification, spit,
spit and image, spitting image, spot, stained glass window, stamp,
stencil, still, still life, still photograph, strategic plan,
strategy, such, suchlike, summon up, sure sign, symbolize, symptom,
system, systematization, tableau, tactical plan, tactics,
take a rubbing, talkie, talking picture, tally, tapestry,
target image, telephotograph, telltale sign, the big picture,
the data, the details, the dope, the facts, the information,
the like of, the likes of, the particulars, the picture, the scoop,
the score, the specifics, the whole story, thing of beauty,
thriller, tint, trace, trace out, trace over, tracing, trailer,
trait, transmitter signal, transparency, triptych, twin,
underground film, understanding, very image, very picture,
video signal, vignette, vision, visual image, visualization,
visualize, vivid description, wall painting, way, word painting,
word-painting, working plan, write



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