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mood    音標拼音: [m'ud]
n. 心情,情緒,心地,興致


n 1: a characteristic (habitual or relatively temporary) state
of feeling; "whether he praised or cursed me depended on
his temper at the time"; "he was in a bad humor" [synonym:
{temper}, {mood}, {humor}, {humour}]
2: the prevailing psychological state; "the climate of opinion";
"the national mood had changed radically since the last
election" [synonym: {climate}, {mood}]
3: verb inflections that express how the action or state is
conceived by the speaker [synonym: {mood}, {mode}, {modality}]

Mood \Mood\ (m[=oo]d), n. [The same word as mode, perh.
influenced by mood temper. See {Mode}.]
1. Manner; style; mode; logical form; musical style; manner
of action or being. See {Mode} which is the preferable
[1913 Webster]

2. (Gram.) Manner of conceiving and expressing action or
being, as positive, possible, conditional, hypothetical,
obligatory, imperitive, etc., without regard to other
accidents, such as time, person, number, etc.; as, the
indicative mood; the imperitive mood; the infinitive mood;
the subjunctive mood. Same as {Mode}.
[1913 Webster]

Mood \Mood\, n. [OE. mood, mod, AS. m[=o]dmind, feeling, heart,
courage; akin to OS. & OFries. m[=o]d, D. moed, OHG. muot, G.
muth, mut, courage, Dan. & Sw. mod, Icel. m[=o][eth]r wrath,
Goth. m[=o]ds.]
Temper of mind; temporary state of the mind in regard to
passion or feeling; humor; as, a melancholy mood; a suppliant
[1913 Webster]

Till at the last aslaked was his mood. --Chaucer.
[1913 Webster]

Fortune is merry,
And in this mood will give us anything. --Shak.
[1913 Webster]

The desperate recklessness of her mood. --Hawthorne.
[1913 Webster]

112 Moby Thesaurus words for "mood":
Aristotelian sorites, Goclenian sorites, action, affection, air,
anagnorisis, angle, architectonics, architecture, argument,
atmosphere, attitude, aura, background, catastrophe,
categorical syllogism, character, characterization, color,
complication, conditional, continuity, contrivance, cue,
denouement, design, development, device, dilemma, disposition,
eager, emotion, enthymeme, episode, fable, falling action, feel,
feeling, figure, frame, frame of mind, gimmick, heart, humor,
imperative, in the mood, incident, inclination, inclined,
indicative, individuality, jussive, keen, line, local color, mind,
minded, mode, modus tollens, morale, motif, movement, mythos,
nature, note, obligative, optative, paralogism, peripeteia,
permissive, personality, plan, plot, potential, prosyllogism,
pseudosyllogism, ready, recognition, response, rising action, rule,
rule of deduction, scheme, secondary plot, semblance, sense, slant,
sorites, soul, spirit, spirits, state of mind, story, strain,
structure, subject, subjunctive, subplot, switch, syllogism,
sympathetic, temper, temperament, thematic development, theme,
timbre, tone, topic, twist, vein, well-disposed, willing



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