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Minor    音標拼音: [m'ɑɪnɚ]
n. 未成年人,副修科目
a. 較小的,二流的,未成年的
vi. 輔修



次 小 子式

adj 1: of lesser importance or stature or rank; "a minor poet";
"had a minor part in the play"; "a minor official"; "many
of these hardy adventurers were minor noblemen"; "minor
back roads" [ant: {major}]
2: lesser in scope or effect; "had minor differences"; "a minor
disturbance" [ant: {major}]
3: inferior in number or size or amount; "a minor share of the
profits"; "Ursa Minor" [ant: {major}]
4: of a scale or mode; "the minor keys"; "in B flat minor" [ant:
5: not of legal age; "minor children" [synonym: {minor}, {nonaged},
{underage}] [ant: {major}]
6: of lesser seriousness or danger; "suffered only minor
injuries"; "some minor flooding"; "a minor tropical
disturbance" [ant: {major}]
7: of your secondary field of academic concentration or
specialization [ant: {major}]
8: of the younger of two boys with the same family name; "Jones
9: warranting only temporal punishment; "venial sin" [synonym:
{minor}, {venial}]
10: limited in size or scope; "a small business"; "a newspaper
with a modest circulation"; "small-scale plans"; "a pocket-
size country" [synonym: {minor}, {modest}, {small}, {small-
scale}, {pocket-size}, {pocket-sized}]
n 1: a young person of either sex; "she writes books for
children"; "they're just kids"; "`tiddler' is a British
term for youngster" [synonym: {child}, {kid}, {youngster},
{minor}, {shaver}, {nipper}, {small fry}, {tiddler},
{tike}, {tyke}, {fry}, {nestling}]

minor \mi"nor\ (m[imac]"n[~e]r), a. [L., a comparative with no
positive; akin to AS. min small, G. minder less, OHG.
minniro, a., min, adv., Icel. minni, a., minnr, adv., Goth.
minniza, a., mins, adv., Ir. & Gael. min small, tender, L.
minuere to lessen, Gr. miny`qein, Skr. mi to damage. Cf.
{Minish}, {Minister}, {Minus}, {Minute}.]
[1913 Webster]
1. Inferior in bulk, degree, importance, etc.; less; smaller;
of little account; as, minor divisions of a body.
[1913 Webster]

2. (Mus.) Less by a semitone in interval or difference of
pitch; as, a minor third.
[1913 Webster]

{Asia Minor} (Geog.), the Lesser Asia; that part of Asia
which lies between the Euxine, or Black Sea, on the north,
and the Mediterranean on the south.

{Minor mode} (Mus.), that mode, or scale, in which the third
and sixth are minor, -- much used for mournful and solemn

{Minor orders} (Eccl.), the rank of persons employed in
ecclesiastical offices who are not in holy orders, as
doorkeepers, acolytes, etc.

{Minor scale} (Mus.) The form of the minor scale is various.
The strictly correct form has the third and sixth minor,
with a semitone between the seventh and eighth, which
involves an augmented second interval, or three semitones,
between the sixth and seventh, as, 6/F, 7/G[sharp], 8/A.
But, for melodic purposes, both the sixth and the seventh
are sometimes made major in the ascending, and minor in
the descending, scale, thus:
[1913 Webster]
[1913 Webster] See {Major}.

{Minor term of a syllogism} (Logic), the subject of the
[1913 Webster]

Minor \Mi"nor\, n.
1. A person of either sex who has not attained the age at
which full civil rights are accorded; an infant; in
England and the United States, one under twenty-one years
of age.
[1913 Webster]

Note: In hereditary monarchies, the minority of a sovereign
ends at an earlier age than of a subject. The minority
of a sovereign of Great Britain ends upon the
completion of the eighteenth year of his age.
[1913 Webster]

2. (Logic) The minor term, that is, the subject of the
conclusion; also, the minor premise, that is, that premise
which contains the minor term; in hypothetical syllogisms,
the categorical premise. It is the second proposition of a
regular syllogism, as in the following: Every act of
injustice partakes of meanness; to take money from another
by gaming is an act of injustice; therefore, the taking of
money from another by gaming partakes of meanness.
[1913 Webster]

3. A Minorite; a Franciscan friar.
[1913 Webster]

178 Moby Thesaurus words for "minor":
academic specialty, adolescent, area, average, baby, back-burner,
boy, budding, callow, casual, child, classical education, common,
core curriculum, course, course of study, curriculum, demeaning,
dependent, dewy, dinky, disadvantaged, discipline, dispensable,
dominant, elective, fair, field, fledgling, general education,
general studies, girl, green, growing, hopeful, humanities, humble,
immaterial, immature, impubic, in the shade, inappreciable,
inconsequential, inconsiderable, indifferent, inessential,
inexperienced, infant, inferior, infra dig, ingenuous, innocent,
insignificant, intact, irrelevant, juicy, junior, juvenal,
juvenile, key, key signature, keynote, lad, laddie, lass, lassie,
less, lesser, liberal arts, light, little, low, lower, lowly,
major, major key, mediant, mediocre, medium, middling, minute,
modest, naive, negligible, new-fledged, nonessential, not vital,
obscure, one-horse, ordinary, paltry, pedal point, petit, petty,
picayune, piddling, proseminar, pubescent, quadrivium, raw,
refresher course, ripening, sapling, sappy, schoolboy, schoolgirl,
scientific education, second rank, second string, second-rate,
secondary, seminar, servile, shoestring, slight, slip, small,
small-beer, small-fry, small-time, smaller, specialty, sprig,
stripling, study, sub, subaltern, subdiscipline, subdominant,
subject, submediant, subordinate, subservient, subsidiary,
subtonic, supertonic, technical, technical education, teenager,
teener, teenybopper, tender, third rank, third string, tonality,
tonic, tonic key, trifling, trivial, trivium, two-bit, unadult,
underage, underprivileged, undeveloped, undistinguished,
unessential, unfledged, unformed, unimportant, unimpressive,
unlicked, unmellowed, unnoteworthy, unnoticeable, unripe,
unseasoned, vernal, virginal, vulgar, ward, young hopeful,
young person, younger, youngest, youngling, youngster, youth

MINOR, persons. One under the age of twenty-one years, while in a state of
infancy; one who has not attained the age of a major. The terms major and
minor, are more particularly used in the civil law. The common law terms are
adult and infant. See Infant.

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