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holding    音標拼音: [h'oldɪŋ]
n. 把持,支持,保持



保持 保留

n 1: the act of retaining something [synonym: {retention},
{keeping}, {holding}]
2: something owned; any tangible or intangible possession that
is owned by someone; "that hat is my property"; "he is a man
of property"; [synonym: {property}, {belongings}, {holding}]

Hold \Hold\, v. t. [imp. & p. p. {Held}; p. pr. & vb. n.
{Holding}. {Holden}, p. p., is obs. in elegant writing,
though still used in legal language.] [OE. haldan, D. houden,
OHG. hoten, Icel. halda, Dan. holde, Sw. h[*a]lla, Goth.
haldan to feed, tend (the cattle); of unknown origin. Gf.
{Avast}, {Halt}, {Hod}.]
[1913 Webster]
1. To cause to remain in a given situation, position, or
relation, within certain limits, or the like; to prevent
from falling or escaping; to sustain; to restrain; to keep
in the grasp; to retain.
[1913 Webster]

The loops held one curtain to another. --Ex. xxxvi.
[1913 Webster]

Thy right hand shall hold me. --Ps. cxxxix.
[1913 Webster]

They all hold swords, being expert in war. --Cant.
iii. 8.
[1913 Webster]

In vain he seeks, that having can not hold.
[1913 Webster]

France, thou mayst hold a serpent by the tongue, . .
A fasting tiger safer by the tooth,
Than keep in peace that hand which thou dost hold.
[1913 Webster]

2. To retain in one's keeping; to maintain possession of, or
authority over; not to give up or relinquish; to keep; to
[1913 Webster]

We mean to hold what anciently we claim
Of deity or empire. --Milton.
[1913 Webster]

3. To have; to possess; to be in possession of; to occupy; to
derive title to; as, to hold office.
[1913 Webster]

This noble merchant held a noble house. --Chaucer.
[1913 Webster]

Of him to hold his seigniory for a yearly tribute.
[1913 Webster]

And now the strand, and now the plain, they held.
[1913 Webster]

4. To impose restraint upon; to limit in motion or action; to
bind legally or morally; to confine; to restrain.
[1913 Webster]

We can not hold mortality's strong hand. --Shak.
[1913 Webster]

Death! what do'st? O, hold thy blow. --Grashaw.
[1913 Webster]

He had not sufficient judgment and self-command to
hold his tongue. --Macaulay.
[1913 Webster]

5. To maintain in being or action; to carry on; to prosecute,
as a course of conduct or an argument; to continue; to
[1913 Webster]

Hold not thy peace, and be not still. --Ps. lxxxiii.
[1913 Webster]

Seedtime and harvest, heat and hoary frost,
Shall hold their course. --Milton.
[1913 Webster]

6. To prosecute, have, take, or join in, as something which
is the result of united action; as to, hold a meeting, a
festival, a session, etc.; hence, to direct and bring
about officially; to conduct or preside at; as, the
general held a council of war; a judge holds a court; a
clergyman holds a service.
[1913 Webster]

I would hold more talk with thee. --Shak.
[1913 Webster]

7. To receive and retain; to contain as a vessel; as, this
pail holds milk; hence, to be able to receive and retain;
to have capacity or containing power for.
[1913 Webster]

Broken cisterns that can hold no water. --Jer. ii.
[1913 Webster]

One sees more devils than vast hell can hold.
[1913 Webster]

8. To accept, as an opinion; to be the adherent of, openly or
privately; to persist in, as a purpose; to maintain; to
[1913 Webster]

Stand fast and hold the traditions which ye have
been taught. --2 Thes.
[1913 Webster]

But still he held his purpose to depart. --Dryden.
[1913 Webster]

9. To consider; to regard; to esteem; to account; to think;
to judge.
[1913 Webster]

I hold him but a fool. --Shak.
[1913 Webster]

I shall never hold that man my friend. --Shak.
[1913 Webster]

The Lord will not hold him guiltless that taketh his
name in vain. --Ex. xx. 7.
[1913 Webster]

10. To bear, carry, or manage; as he holds himself erect; he
holds his head high.
[1913 Webster]

Let him hold his fingers thus. --Shak.
[1913 Webster]

{To hold a wager}, to lay or hazard a wager. --Swift.

{To hold forth},
(a) v. t.to offer; to exhibit; to propose; to put
forward. "The propositions which books hold forth and
pretend to teach." --Locke.
(b) v. i. To talk at length; to harangue.

{To held in}, to restrain; to curd.

{To hold in hand}, to toy with; to keep in expectation; to
have in one's power. [Obs.]
[1913 Webster]

O, fie! to receive favors, return falsehoods,
And hold a lady in hand. --Beaw. & Fl.

{To hold in play}, to keep under control; to dally with.

{To hold off}, to keep at a distance.

{To hold on}, to hold in being, continuance or position; as,
to hold a rider on.

{To hold one's day}, to keep one's appointment. [Obs.]

{To hold one's own}. To keep good one's present condition
absolutely or relatively; not to fall off, or to lose
ground; as, a ship holds her own when she does not lose
ground in a race or chase; a man holds his own when he
does not lose strength or weight.

{To hold one's peace}, to keep silence.

{To hold out}.
(a) To extend; to offer. "Fortune holds out these to you
as rewards." --B. Jonson.
(b) To continue to do or to suffer; to endure. "He can
not long hold out these pangs." --Shak.

{To hold up}.
(a) To raise; to lift; as, hold up your head.
(b) To support; to sustain. "He holds himself up in
virtue."--Sir P. Sidney.
(c) To exhibit; to display; as, he was held up as an
(d) To rein in; to check; to halt; as, hold up your
(e) to rob, usually at gunpoint; -- often with the demand
to "hold up" the hands.
(f) To delay.

{To hold water}.
(a) Literally, to retain water without leaking; hence
(Fig.), to be whole, sound, consistent, without gaps
or holes; -- commonly used in a negative sense; as,
his statements will not hold water. [Colloq.]
(b) (Naut.) To hold the oars steady in the water, thus
checking the headway of a boat.
[1913 Webster]

Holding \Hold"ing\, n.
1. The act or state of sustaining, grasping, or retaining.
[1913 Webster]

2. A tenure; a farm or other estate held of another.
[1913 Webster]

3. That which holds, binds, or influences. --Burke.
[1913 Webster]

4. The burden or chorus of a song. [Obs.] --Shak.
[1913 Webster]

{Holding note} (Mus.), a note sustained in one part, while
the other parts move.
[1913 Webster]

169 Moby Thesaurus words for "holding":
absolute interest, absorbing, adverse possession, alodium,
arresting, attractive, bearing, benefit, blessed with, block,
board lot, bolstering, bottling up, bracing, burdened, burgage,
buttressing, carrying, claim, clinging, colony, common, compelling,
compulsive, consuming, contingent interest, corking up, de facto,
de jure, dependency, derivative title, driving, dummy share,
easement, enchanting, enfeoffed, engaging, engrossing, enthralling,
equitable interest, equity, estate, even lot, fascinating,
fee fief, fee position, fee simple, fee simple absolute,
fee simple conditional, fee simple defeasible,
fee simple determinable, fee tail, feodum, feud, fiefdom,
fractional lot, frankalmoign, free socage, freehold, full lot,
gavelkind, grasping, gripping, having, having and holding,
having title to, hold, holding in, holdings, hypnotic, impelling,
in possession of, inhibition, interest, keeping, knight service,
landed, landholding, landowning, lay fee, lease, leasehold,
legal claim, legal possession, limitation, locking in, lot,
magnetic, maintaining, maintenance, mandate, master of, mesmeric,
mesmerizing, obsessing, obsessional, obsessive, occupancy,
occupation, occupying, odd lot, original title, owning, part,
percentage, possessed of, possessing, possession, preference share,
prehension, preoccupancy, preoccupation, preoccupying,
prepossession, prescription, preservation, propertied, property,
property rights, property-owning, propping, proprietary rights,
repression, retainment, retention, retentive, retentiveness,
retentivity, right, right of entry, round lot, seisin, seized of,
settlement, share, shoring, socage, spellbinding, squatting, stake,
stockholding, stockholdings, strict settlement, sublease,
supporting, supportive, suppression, suspensory, sustaining,
sustentative, tenacious, tenacity, tenancy, tenantry, tenure,
tenure in chivalry, tenured, title, trust, underlease,
undertenancy, upholding, use, usucapion, vested interest,
villein socage, villeinhold, villenage, worth

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