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fixed    音標拼音: [f'ɪkst]
a. 固定的,不變的,準備好的






adj 1: (of a number) having a fixed and unchanging value
2: fixed and unmoving; "with eyes set in a fixed glassy stare";
"his bearded face already has a set hollow look"- Connor
Cruise O'Brien; "a face rigid with pain" [synonym: {fixed},
{set}, {rigid}]
3: securely placed or fastened or set; "a fixed piece of wood";
"a fixed resistor" [ant: {unfixed}]
4: incapable of being changed or moved or undone; e.g. "frozen
prices"; "living on fixed incomes" [synonym: {fixed}, {frozen}]

Fix \Fix\, v. t. [imp. & p. p. {Fixed} (f[i^]kst); p. pr. & vb.
n. {Fixing}.] [Cf. F. fixer.]
1. To make firm, stable, or fast; to set or place
permanently; to fasten immovably; to establish; to
implant; to secure; to make definite.
[1913 Webster]

An ass's nole I fixed on his head. --Shak.
[1913 Webster]

O, fix thy chair of grace, that all my powers
May also fix their reverence. --Herbert.
[1913 Webster]

His heart is fixed, trusting in the Lord. --Ps.
cxii. 7.
[1913 Webster]

And fix far deeper in his head their stings.
[1913 Webster]

2. To hold steadily; to direct unwaveringly; to fasten, as
the eye on an object, the attention on a speaker.
[1913 Webster]

Sat fixed in thought the mighty Stagirite. --Pope.
[1913 Webster]

One eye on death, and one full fix'd on heaven.
[1913 Webster]

3. To transfix; to pierce. [Obs.] --Sandys.
[1913 Webster]

4. (Photog.) To render (an impression) permanent by treating
with a developer to make it insensible to the action of
light. --Abney.
[1913 Webster]

5. To put in order; to arrange; to dispose of; to adjust; to
set to rights; to set or place in the manner desired or
most suitable; hence, to repair; as, to fix the clothes;
to fix the furniture of a room. [Colloq. U.S.]
[1913 Webster]

6. (Iron Manuf.) To line the hearth of (a puddling furnace)
with fettling.

Syn: To arrange; prepare; adjust; place; establish; settle;
[1913 Webster]

Fixed \Fixed\ (f[i^]kst), a.
1. Securely placed or fastened; settled; established; firm;
imovable; unalterable.
[1913 Webster]

2. (Chem.) Stable; non-volatile.
[1913 Webster]

{Fixed air} (Old Chem.), carbonic acid or carbon dioxide; --
so called by Dr. Black because it can be absorbed or fixed
by strong bases. See {Carbonic acid}, under {Carbonic}.

{Fixed alkali} (Old Chem.), a non-volatile base, as soda, or
potash, in distinction from the volatile alkali ammonia.

{Fixed ammunition} (Mil.), a projectile and powder inclosed
together in a case ready for loading.

{Fixed battery} (Mil.), a battery which contains heavy guns
and mortars intended to remain stationary; --
distinguished from movable battery.

{Fixed bodies}, those which can not be volatilized or
separated by a common menstruum, without great difficulty,
as gold, platinum, lime, etc.

{Fixed capital}. See the Note under {Capital}, n., 4.

{Fixed fact}, a well established fact. [Colloq.]

{Fixed light}, one which emits constant beams; --
distinguished from a flashing, revolving, or intermittent

{Fixed oils} (Chem.), non-volatile, oily substances, as
stearine and olein, which leave a permanent greasy stain,
and which can not be distilled unchanged; -- distinguished
from volatile or {essential oils}.

{Fixed pivot} (Mil.), the fixed point about which any line of
troops wheels.

{Fixed stars} (Astron.), such stars as always retain nearly
the same apparent position and distance with respect to
each other, thus distinguished from planets and comets.
[1913 Webster]

432 Moby Thesaurus words for "fixed":
abiding, absolute, acknowledged, admitted, admitting no exception,
agreed, aground, aligned, all up with, all-out, anchored, arranged,
arrayed, arrested, ascertained, assigned, assorted, assured,
at a standstill, at anchor, attached, attested, authenticated,
beat, beaten, bent, bested, bonded, borne out, categorical,
categorized, caught, cemented, certain, certified, chained,
changeless, charmed, chronic, circumscribed, circumscript,
circumstantiated, classified, clear, close, complete, composed,
concentrated, conclusive, concrete, conditional, confirmed,
confounded, constant, constituted, continuing, conventional,
cooked-up, corroborated, crooked, customary, cut out,
cut-and-dried, cut-and-dry, dead-still, decided, decisive,
deep-dyed, deep-fixed, deep-rooted, deep-seated, deep-set,
deep-settled, defeated, defined, definite, definitive, delimited,
demarcated, demonstrated, deployed, detailed, determinate,
determined, different, discomfited, dishonest, disposed, distinct,
distinguished, done for, done in, down, downright, durable,
dyed-in-the-wool, embosomed, emplaced, enchanted, encircled,
enduring, ensconced, enthralled, entire, esoteric, especial,
established, exceptional, exclusive, explicit, express,
extraordinary, fallen, fascinated, fast, fastened, final, firm,
flat, flat-out, flinty, floored, folk, framed, frozen, given,
global, glued, graded, gripped, grouped, guaranteed, habitual,
hallowed, handed down, harmonized, hedged about, held, heroic,
high and dry, hoary, hors de combat, hypnotized, idle, immemorial,
immobile, immotile, immotive, immovable, immutable, impacted,
implanted, implicit, in apple-pie order, in commission,
in condition, in fine fettle, in good condition, in good form,
in good shape, in good trim, in kilter, in order, in repair,
in shape, in the bag, in the pink, in trim, in working order,
inalterable, inappealable, incorrigible, inculcated, indisputable,
individual, inextricable, infixed, inflexible, ingrained, inner,
installed, instilled, intact, intent, intimate, invariable,
inveterate, inviolate, irremovable, irreversible, jammed,
lambasted, lasting, lathered, legendary, licked, limited, located,
long-established, long-standing, loyal, made sure, marshaled,
mesmerized, methodized, minute, moored, motionless, moveless,
mythological, nailed down, narrow, never-failing, normalized,
noteworthy, obstinate, of long standing, of the folk, on ice,
on the skids, open-and-shut, oral, ordered, orderly, organized,
out of commission, out-and-out, outdone, outright, overborne,
overcome, overmastered, overmatched, overpowered, overridden,
overthrown, overturned, overwhelmed, packed, panicked, particular,
peremptory, perfect, permanent, perpetual, persistent, personal,
placed, planned, planted, plotted, positioned, positive, posted,
prearranged, precise, preconcerted, precontrived, premeditated,
preordered, prescriptive, private, proved, proven, provisional,
provisory, put to rout, put-up, quiescent, ranged, ranked, rapt,
received, recognized, regular, regularized, regulated, remaining,
resolute, resolved, respective, restricted, riding at anchor,
rigged, rigid, riveted, rooted, round, routed, routinized, ruined,
scattered, schemed, seated, secure, secured, set, set-up, settled,
settled in habit, several, shown, silenced, singular, situate,
situated, skinned, skinned alive, solid, solipsistic, sorted, sot,
special, specific, specificative, specified, spellbound, spotted,
stable, stacked, stampeded, standardized, staple, stated, static,
stationary, stationed, statuelike, staunch, staying, steadfast,
steady, steely, still, stipulated, stipulatory, stock-still,
straight, straight-out, stranded, stubborn, stuck, stuck fast,
substantiated, surrounded, sustained, synchronized, systematized,
taped, tenacious, tested, tethered, thorough, tied, tight,
time-honored, to rights, torpid, total, traditional, transfixed,
tried, tried and true, trimmed, trounced, true, true-blue,
unalterable, unaltered, unbending, unblinking, unchangeable,
unchanged, unchanging, unchecked, uncircumscribed, unconditional,
unconditioned, undeflectable, understood, undestroyed, undeviating,
undistracted, undivided, undone, undoubting, unemployed,
unequivocal, unfading, unfailing, unfaltering, unflagging,
unflappable, unflinching, unhampered, unhesitating, unlimited,
unmistakable, unmitigated, unmodifiable, unmovable, unmoved,
unmoving, unqualified, unquestioning, unreserved, unrestricted,
unshaken, unshifting, unswerving, unvaried, unvarying, unwaivable,
unwavering, unwritten, unyielding, up to scratch, up to snuff,
upset, utter, validated, venerable, verified, warranted, wedged,
whelmed, whipped, whole, without exception, without reserve,
worshipful, worsted

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