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desire    音標拼音: [dɪz'ɑɪɚ]
vt. 愿望,期望,希望;要求,請求
n. 愿望,心愿;請求,要求


n 1: the feeling that accompanies an unsatisfied state
2: an inclination to want things; "a man of many desires"
3: something that is desired
v 1: feel or have a desire for; want strongly; "I want to go
home now"; "I want my own room" [synonym: {desire}, {want}]
2: expect and wish; "I trust you will behave better from now
on"; "I hope she understands that she cannot expect a raise"
[synonym: {hope}, {trust}, {desire}]
3: express a desire for

Desire \De*sire"\, n. [F. d['e]sir, fr. d['e]sirer. See
{Desire}, v. t.]
1. The natural longing that is excited by the enjoyment or
the thought of any good, and impels to action or effort
its continuance or possession; an eager wish to obtain or
[1913 Webster]

Unspeakable desire to see and know. --Milton.
[1913 Webster]

2. An expressed wish; a request; petition.
[1913 Webster]

And slowly was my mother brought
To yield consent to my desire. --Tennyson.
[1913 Webster]

3. Anything which is desired; an object of longing.
[1913 Webster]

The Desire of all nations shall come. --Hag. ii. 7.
[1913 Webster]

4. Excessive or morbid longing; lust; appetite.
[1913 Webster]

5. Grief; regret. [Obs.] --Chapman.

Syn: Wish; appetency; craving; inclination; eagerness;
aspiration; longing.
[1913 Webster]

Desire \De*sire"\, v. t. [imp. & p. p. {Desired}; p. pr. & vb.
n. {Desiring}.] [F. d['e]sirer, L. desiderare, origin
uncertain, perh. fr. de- sidus star, constellation, and
hence orig., to turn the eyes from the stars. Cf. {Consider},
and {Desiderate}, and see {Sidereal}.]
1. To long for; to wish for earnestly; to covet.
[1913 Webster]

Neither shall any man desire thy land. --Ex. xxxiv.
[1913 Webster]

Ye desire your child to live. --Tennyson.
[1913 Webster]

2. To express a wish for; to entreat; to request.
[1913 Webster]

Then she said, Did I desire a son of my lord? --2
Kings iv. 28.
[1913 Webster]

Desire him to go in; trouble him no more. --Shak.
[1913 Webster]

3. To require; to demand; to claim. [Obs.]
[1913 Webster]

A doleful case desires a doleful song. --Spenser.
[1913 Webster]

4. To miss; to regret. [Obs.]
[1913 Webster]

She shall be pleasant while she lives, and desired
when she dies. --Jer. Taylor.

Syn: To long for; hanker after; covet; wish; ask; request;
solicit; entreat; beg.

Usage: To {Desire}, {Wish}. In desire the feeling is usually
more eager than in wish. "I wish you to do this" is a
milder form of command than "I desire you to do this,"
though the feeling prompting the injunction may be the
same. --C. J. Smith.
[1913 Webster]

309 Moby Thesaurus words for "desire":
Amor, Christian love, Eros, Platonic love, address, admiration,
adoration, affection, agape, aim, aim at, ambition, andromania,
animus, aphrodisia, appeal, appetence, appetency, appetite,
appetition, application, apply for, ardency, ardor, ask, ask for,
asking, aspiration, aspire, aspire after, aspire to, assumption,
assurance, assured faith, attachment, avarice, bank on, be after,
be desirous of, be in heat, beg leave, bespeak, biological urge,
bodily appetite, bodily love, brotherly love, call for, caritas,
carnal desire, catch, charity, cheerful expectation, choice,
choose, choose to, come in, command, conation, conatus,
concupiscence, confide, confidence, conjugal love, conviction,
counsel, count on, covet, crave, craving, cupidity, dearest wish,
decide, decision, decree, demand, dependence, desiderate,
desideration, desideratum, desiderium, design, destine,
determination, determine, devotion, discretion, disposition,
doomed hope, drive at, effect, enjoy, entreaty, eromania, eros,
eroticism, eroticomaniac, erotism, erotomania, estruate, expect,
expectation, expressed desire, fair prospect, faith, faithful love,
fancy, favor, feel confident, fervent hope, fervor, file for,
fixed purpose, flame, fleshly lust, fondness, forbidden fruit,
free choice, free love, free will, free-lovism, function,
furor uterinus, glimmering goal, go for, goatishness,
golden vision, good cheer, good hope, grab, grab at,
great expectations, greed, gynecomania, hanker, hanker after,
hankering, harbor a design, harbor the hope, have designs on,
have every intention, heart, hero worship, high hopes, hope,
hope against hope, hope and pray, hope for, hope in, hope to God,
hopeful prognosis, hopefulness, hopes, hoping, hoping against hope,
horniness, hot blood, hot pants, hunger, hungering, idea, idolatry,
idolism, idolization, impetration, importune, inclination,
indecency, indent, infantile sexuality, intend, intendment, intent,
intention, itch, itch for, jump at, lasciviousness, lean upon,
lecherousness, lechery, libidinousness, libido, lickerishness,
like, liking, live in hopes, lodestone, long, long for, longing,
love, lovemaking, lust, lust after, lustfulness, magnet,
make a request, make a requisition, make application, married love,
mean, meaning, mind, motive, nisus, nurture the hope, nymphomania,
objective, order, pant, passion, petition, physical love, pine,
pine for, pining, plan, pleasure, plum, point,
polymorphous perversity, popular regard, popularity,
prayerful hope, prefer, presume, presumption, prize, project,
promise, proposal, propose, prospect, prospects, prospectus,
prurience, pruriency, purport, purpose, put in for, rapacity,
regard, reliance, rely on, request, require, requirement,
requisition, resolution, resolve, rest assured, rut, sake,
salaciousness, sanguine expectation, satyriasis, satyrism,
security, see fit, sentiment, sex, sexual desire, sexual longing,
sexual love, sexual passion, shine, sigh for, snatch, snatch at,
solicit, spiritual love, striving, study, summon, take to,
temptation, tender feeling, tender passion, think, think fit,
think good, think proper, thirst, thirsting, trophy, truelove,
trust, urge, uxoriousness, velleity, venereal appetite, view,
volition, want, weakness, well-grounded hope, whistle for, will,
will power, wish, wish for, wish to goodness, wish very much,
worship, would fain do, yearn, yearn for, yearning, yen



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    16 when, through knowledge of the atman, one ceases to desire any manifestation of nature, then that is the highest kind of non - attachment 一旦認識阿特曼,人對自然的任何表象都無欲無求,這就是最高的不執。
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